Thursday, 19 September 2013

Set backs and steps forward

Well this week has been interesting! Went for physio on my shoulder on Thursday and while the physio doesn't think its a frozen shoulder she isn't 100% sure what it is so I have 6 weeks of physio then a referral to orthopaedics, so basically this physio WILL work as I'm not up for an operation :-)
Mean while no exercise other than physio that involves my shoulder, so a lot of thinks involve your shoulder, but I remained fairly positive and was looking at ways of exercising round it.

Then on Friday I did something to my back (bearing in mind I'm being ultra good and not lifting!) I think that actually while the physio was checking how unstable my shoulder is and possibly slightly knocked a vertebrae out! Took it easy on Saturday but then was up from 4.30am in agony.

Sunday morning saw a trip round hospitals resulting in anti-inflammatories and pain killers.
The pain my back has now eased off, so thankfully I have stopped the painkillers as they were making me feel rubbish.

I tried very hard to be good with food but I have to be honest I've not been great, chocolate and crisps have featured as has pizza due to not fancying standing cooking.

But I've not gone crazy and today I am drawing a line. An injury is not an excuse for letting healthy eating for out of the window in fact it makes it more important than ever.

I'm very frustrated at not being able to exercise and know that this will potentially result in more injuries, I use exercise to control by hypermobility and rely on my muscles to hold everything together so today I shall be working out a plan to at least be doing something!

So this week I shall be concentrating on keeping food healthy and good as well as trying to work out some kind of exercise plan.

How has your week been?


  1. I hope your injury heals soon honey. I am going to focus on the healthy eating 2 over the next few weeks xx

  2. I hope your shoulder and back get better soon. Good luck for a healthy week ahead :)