Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Excuses, excuses, excuses!

Things have not gone to plan! Shoulder is still ruling out a lot of exercise, it was feeling loads better and I was getting all optimistic then I spent a day carrying a handbag and a day carrying goody bags round Glasgow (the joys of being a fundraiser!) and it kind of went back to square one. However, I have self diagnosed the problem but will need to wait until I speak to the physio in a couple of weeks before I can really move forward.

I am currently loaded with the cold leaving me with an appetite for junk.

I am in the middle of planning the little ladies birthday party (which she has been planning since last November) spending a lot of time making stuff so leaving little time for exercise but on the upside PVA glue and food do not mix well.

But these are all excuses aren't they?

Why is taking care of ourselves and doing the right thing so blooming hard sometimes?

I'm ill I need to eat better not worse but this is not the logic that is applied to my little brain.

If I really tried I'm sure I could fit some exercise in somewhere - although an extra hour or two in the day would be nice and I am not giving up any more sleep than I normally do!

Today I made a sensible lunch choice and did not buy any chocolate, this feels like a massive achievement! But I'm not getting cocky, I'll be at work till 7.30 and the temptations of the train station await.......

What I need to do is stop making excuses, dig deep and move forward - wish me luck!


  1. Taking care of ourselves always seems to be last on the endless list of things we have to do. I hope you get some time to put you first this week :) xx

    1. I know we are not great at putting ourselves first! Thanks x

  2. honey i am sure you will be back on track soon my lovely x

    1. Thank you am back on it today! Well foodwise exercise may need to wait a little while!