Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Learning to listen.....

Yesterday was a tough day (food wise) I was tired, thank you C who has taken to waking up at 4.30am and only going back to sleep if I am in her bed cuddling her in, so I've effectively been awake from 4.30am - yes this is the middle of the night for the last few nights, I was cold, summer is definitely done and I was a bit bored, I had an application to write and was procrastinating!

Now being tired, cold and bored means one thing I get hungry. Except I don't get hungry really. I get the 'want' for food for something to do and to keep me awake. But yesterday I listened to my hunger not my 'want'. I did add an extra snack but who can resist Soreen, right? I also had an Options Hot Chocolate as a treat but at 60 cals that's a treat I can live with! But I did not stuff myself with the junk I so badly wanted. I went out at lunchtime and even took my purse because 'I might want to buy cake' but I talked myself out of it as I wandered around Lakeland looking at things to make cake! I really, really wanted to stop in at the pasty shop at the station on the way home, but I didn't. I was very tempted to join in the deliciousness by munching through Bake Off, but the kitchen door remained shut!

I wanted these things but a little switch clicked in my brain and I as much as I wanted them and did not want them as much as I want to be in good shape and health. It was hard, I am not denying I didn't battle with myself all day but when it came down to it I feel so much better knowing I won the battle yesterday.

Maybe, just maybe this time I'm going to do this!


  1. yay go you for for beating all those temptations!! i am not sure i could. xx

  2. Go you!!! Well done, so good when you can win that battle. I've just eaten a me!? Xx