Thursday, 23 May 2013


The news of a solider hacked to death on the the street is horrific. To be honest I've not read too much about the story, didn't get in from work till late last night and away again early today. But I have been slightly saddened by the outpouring of just general hate and shockingly blatant racism on social media sites.

I do not want to belittle this attack, it was senseless, horrific and completely unjustifiable. But I genuinely do not see how making sweeping statements about an entire religion or race is going to solve the problem that we have.

Terrorism is wrong, in my view violence is wrong, I genuinely do not see why we can't just all get along a bit better. I also believe two wrongs do not make a right, so the revenge attacks we are hearing about are just as wrong and senseless.

The world scares me, I am scared for my daughters future, I can't really see how we get out of the cycle of violence we seem to be in. I do agree that the justice system needs to be improved, that there needs to be a better immigration policy, that actually the whole benefits system needs a shake up, none of these are going to happen overnight and I'm not sure if anyone has the answers. We are never going to live in a perfect society where bad things do not exist. But surely they should be the exception, too often to we turn on the news and hear of another terrorist attack, another stabbing, we are almost become blase about it.

Maybe if we were all a bit nicer, a bit kinder in our daily life we can slowly change the hate. So today, smile! While you are walking down the street, smile, go on even say hello. You might get the odd strange look but I'll bet most people will smile back, you never know you might just make someone feel a little bit better about this world we live in.

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