Thursday, 9 May 2013

Motivated and committed!!

I am a changed woman, on Sunday morning I had done a workout before breakfast and 8am! This is not normal behaviour for me I can assure you. But I think it might start to be.......

Today I have completed my seventh day, yes everyday for a whole week, of 30 Day Shred! It's hards but it's short so it fits in, I have managed to do it every day either first thing on non work days (with little miss giving 'encouragement') or once she has gone to bed but before I do my jobs, yes I am prioritising me!

I am eating roughly 1300 cals per day as I have found this is what suits me for weight loss and I am logging everything. I'm not feeling deprived and am already feeling the benefits of daily exercise, I'd thoroughly recommend it!

I also realised that actually I've come quite far since January, I've lost 7.2lbs which isn't amazing but its half a stone better than I was at the start of the year.

More importantly I have lost 9.5 inches, including 3" from my waist and 3.5" from my hips :-)
It does look like I am destined to have tree trunk thighs for the rest of my life as these have not shifted.

I have also walked 356 miles since January - I love my fitbit!!!

This year has thrown the odd curve ball, being made redundant for one, but I am proud that, although chocolate has been consumed on a weekly basis, I have not completely fallen off the wagon. Actually I think it made me more determined to be in the best possibles shape I can be.

So onwards and downwards, it is my birthday on Wednesday next week and I fully intend to fit 30 Day Shred in at some point. After all what better birthday present than having a toned, fit body?

Linking up with the very lovely Naked Mum who is doing an amazing job keeping us all going for #WobblesWednesday


  1. Thanks for linking up and being so very kind.
    You are doing well - that inch loss is amazing!
    Like how you are combining healthy eating and exercise.
    Loving the phrase onwards and downwards.
    This post cheered me considerably

    1. Aw thank you, glad it cheered you. By the way I am also in the charity sector so yep there are still great opportunities within the sector than can arise from redundancy! Will keep my eyes out for anything I thing might suit xxx