Wednesday, 26 June 2013

#WobblesWednesday - Winning!

I am not, nor ever have been a runner, give me a dance floor and I can shake it for hours. Show me a running track and I start sweating, heavy breathing and that's before I've even put my trainers on.
So I was not looking forward to the Mums race at nursery last week, I did not (unlike some other Mums) go prepared, no trainers, jeans on you get the picture. However, I am competitive! In a kind of Monica from Friends way, so when the time came this side took over and I went for it. And my goodness I only came joint first!!! I got a medal and sticker to prove it!

Now I am aware this does not make me a runner but what was better than the medal and the sticker, which were very appreciated, was how chuffed my daughter was! I received an enthusiastic high five and was informed that her and her friends shouted 'Come on Tamsin' for the race, she may have inherited my competitive side.....

Although I was keen on taking part in a Spartan Sprint, I wasn't sure about the whole running side of it. But do you know what? I want Chloe to see me complete challenges, to work hard to achieve things, that you don't need to win the race to win for yourself. So yesterday, I downloaded Couch to 5k, I strapped on my trainers and out I went. Now before you all get excited I ran for a minute at a time for a total of 8 minutes with a one and a half minute walk in between but I did it, it was hard don't get me wrong, but I did it and for me that is winning!

I have Hypermobility Syndrome and was told not to run when I was diagnosed many years ago, but I have been having more flair up and dislocations anyway so I figure the fitter and stronger I am the better it will get, I may be kidding myself but play along for now! I will however listen to my body and not push it too far too fast. My first official run passed with little incident, I dislocated a toe but that pops back in easily, my hip wobbled but a check on posture and focusing on my core and it stayed put, I sweated, I was red, I smiled, I won!

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  1. Wow, well done! I'm rubbish at running too but I like the look of that Spartan Sprint :S

    Maybe if I get my fitness up by enough I'll do one next year!

    1. That's my plan! No way I'd get round this year but am hoping this time next year I'll be ready :-)

  2. Well done Tamsin, i suffer with acute PSD and my pelvis is really unstable but i am of the same mind set as you, its going to hurt regardless :-)

    1. Thank you! Yup, may as well try and make the most of it :-)