Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Making time

Well, my Easter continued a little longer. Went to visit my Mum with the little lady at the weekend, went to the lakes, met up with a friend and went to South Lakes Wild Animal park (which was amazing, you should go!) all in all had a lovely weekend. Also had a Chinese, a chippy and ate in the hotel restaurant hhmmmmm diet?? We did do a lot of walking and I wasn't as bad as I could have been but it does mean no weight lost this week.

But on to today's post, I need to make time to exercise. As a working Mum it's not easy but I think I have a plan. It is all about choices isn't it? I could get up earlier but (I know excuses) I get up at 6.30 and as Chloe is a rubbish sleeper I will have been up at least once through the night for a little while so the thought of getting up earlier.... No it just won't happen!
Fast forward to the other end of the day, I usually have about an hour of sitting watching tv before I go to bed. Sometimes this is something I really want to watch, as I type this I'm watching The Following which I ain't missing! But often it's just on. So I can use this hour, can't I?

I have a plan, on nights where there are things on I want to watch I'll do some weights, some ab work, stretching - stuff I can do in front of the TV.
On nights when MrF is out I WILL do a workout DVD
On nights when MrF is in but the TV is rubbish I will brave the outdoors, now I'm not promising running straight away but a speedy walk with a little jogging thrown in is the plan.
Weekends can be tricky but am usually running round a park anyway and will try and fit in what I can.

That sounds fair enough, doesn't it? I need to stick to it, I WILL stick to it. Please shout at me if I don't.
#wobblesWednesday won't be wobbly for long!


  1. well done on getting your head together and making a plan that will fit for you! xx

    1. Thank you, 2 days in and sticking with the plan :-)

  2. Once you've got yourself into "the zone" it gets a lot easier. Keep going, and we'll support you all the way x

    1. Thanks, am in the zone, refused cake and threw a donut out instead of eating it! Yay!