Thursday, 4 April 2013

Changing attitutes

Ok so it has been Easter, now for a greedy little piggy like me this can prove to be a bit of an issue. Especially with a four year old in the house which results in a mountain of chocolate being gifted! But I have survived Easter!! I had one day of pigging out a bit on the C word but in the grand scheme of things was not too bad at all. We had a busy weekend with lots of walking and (shockingly) not too much eating so am holding my head high!

The thing is I sense a change, I would have used the weekend as an excuse, not an excuse to enjoy myself but an excuse to eat and eat and eat until I felt sick. Ok so on Easter sunday 456 of my calories came from chocolate but I was only 32 cals over my goal over so you know lets not worry.
I am a firm believer in balance. There is no way I am cutting anything out of my diet, for then I would just think of that and nothing else. So yes I have have had and will continue to have some chocolate, the odd meal out, a bacon butty here and there. But no I will not stuff my face midelessly!

Oh also I really need to step up the exercise but am sturggling to fit it in. Have a marvelous suggestion for train companies, make one carrage a 'walking carriage' decked out with treadmills instead of seats so you can 'walk' your comute! Would make my life a lot easier.

Linking up to the fabulous NakedMum for #WobblesWednesday yes I know it is Thursday but I ran out of time yesterday!!


  1. Thanks for linking up. There is no problem aboot how often or on what day you link up. #WobblesWednesday is there to help not to hassle.
    Interesting post - it is so much about having the right mindset and I think sometimes that just comes along and sometimes it is more challenging.
    Love the new C word!

  2. Thanks, the OCD in me wants to do it every Wednesday, the ADHD in me scuppers the plans lol

  3. well done! i think your carriage idea is fab, wish they would do it on buses too!

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed your Easter :) Good luck for the week ahead xx

  5. Sometimes a little chocolate does you good, good luck for next week x