Friday, 29 March 2013

Standing Tall

Well it has been a little while since my last #WobblesWednessday post. On the day of my last post I found out, quite out of the blue that I was being made redundant  As you can imagine blind panic followed. However, all is good and I am now 2 weeks into a new job which is far better than my last so all worked out fine.
I have not though be very focused on this losing weight lark and have hovered around the same mark for the last month or so.
But posting on myfitnesspal this week reminded my just what a difference posture and making a bit of an effort makes. So here are my before and after pictures, there about 12 hours between the photos, so no weight difference but shoulders back, tummy in and better clothes really do make a difference!! Not sure the front on photos are too different but the side on one really shows a change.
So my normal look is probably somewhere in between but it has reminded me to stand tall.

So as it is Easter weekend I am not expected much but as spring has sprung I shall be 110% back in the game as off Tuesday!
Oh and I will attempt to get better at blogging a bit more too!!! Linking up with NakedMum and her fabulous #WobblesWednesday posts.

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