Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Well here I am nearly a month into the new me! So far I have lost, drum roll please....... 3lbs, but to be honest I am fine with that. Slow and steady, right? More importantly I feel so much better already. My skin is brighter, although this doesn't not distract from the bags under my eyes, I have MonkeyMoo (as my daughter is affectionately called) to thank for that. No one tells you they may still not be sleeping through aged 4! But none the less my energy levels have improved, I am not forcing myself to stay awake until bedtime.
Most importantly I am making time for me. Exercise has become hugely important to me, who knew! I have been really annoyed this week as a calf strain has put paid to proper exercise. Now I am not managing to actually get out to a class or anything but DVD's work just as well for me. So I am making sure I make time to do these.

I have been out for dinner but enjoyed the treat knowing it was all counted for and although it took me over my calorie allowance for the day, I had planned for it and had left over calories from the days before.
I increased my step count too and although I now realise I am not going to get 10,000 every single day, sometimes life just gets in the way, I am aware of how active or not I am being. 
This week I am going to do the following:
1) Take month one pictures and measurements, I don't think there will be a huge difference but I hope that come the summer I'll be able to look back and see the small differences every month that have made a big change.
2) Keep up with the exercise and healthy eating - remembering how much better it makes me feel
3) Look into getting my body fat measured, although I freely admit I may chicken out of this!

I am genuinely feeling I am changing behaviour and attitude and that this isn't all going to come crashing down around my ears (or hips as may be the case) when I smell chips!

Although whilst watching Splash! with MonkeyMoo I mentioned that I would be quite happy if I looked like Donna Air in a swimming costume. "But Mum" came the reply "your hair is not as long as hers" which is obviously the only difference!!


  1. Hello! Have just joined in with #WobblesWednesday too. Am amazed that you have any energy left for exercise while looking after a 4yo. Much respect from me.

    Good luck de-wobbling!

    1. Ha ha thanks you, does feel like that sometimes! But as she constantly wants to dance it's helping me out :-) Good luck x

  2. well done on your weight loss so far,I will look forward to your post next week xx

  3. Well done on the weight loss. I think you can only lose weight when your mind is in the right place and from what I read here it sounds like yours is absolutely ready for the journey ahead. Thanks so much for linking up with WobblesWednesday

  4. Well done in your loss, i think i may do some measurements too for next week

  5. Well done on your loss and good luck for the week ahead :) xx

  6. well done that's fab...I also need to do the measuring...errr not sure about pics

  7. Well done and your positive attitude is amazing and i ought to take stock of my sulky ways!

  8. I think 3lbs is really good. Changing habits is better than dieting anyway so treats are inevitable. Best of luck with the rest of your journey.