Thursday, 25 July 2013

Wobbles Wednesday, wobbling along!

Well, what can I say? I've been struggling. I lost my mojo,, looked everywhere for it, behind the sofa, in the fridge (had to eat a few bars of chocolate to make sure it hadn't sneaked into them) but it was nowhere to be found. We were away at the weekend, so there was a lot of eating out and eating rubbish. We stopped at Burger King on the way home, £18 for 2 adult and 1 kids meal nearly passed out. The chips were so drowned in Salt that C wouldn't eat them! But anyway I digress. I have not been anywhere near the scales as I know I have gained, if not in lbs then in fat!

So yesterday I wobbled, I felt fat and lazy and all I wanted to do was eat chocolate. But I gave myself a good talking to and you know what? I didn't have any chocolate! I am feeling fat and lazy because I am being fat and lazy. I know the only way to get the body I want is to work at it, so why the self sabotage? No idea to be honest. Eating rubbish makes me feel rubbish, not exercising makes me feel rubbish so why it is so easy to laze around stuffing my face? My joints are worse so its a bit of a vicious circle as it is now a real effort to get back into exercising. But I have given myself a good kick up the bum and am feeling a bit more positive.

Part of the problem this week has been lack of planning, so shall be back to planning and think I am even going to put together a workout schedule so there is no excuse!

Linking up with a day late, not being in work on Monday has confused be totally!


  1. I am terrible with workout schedules - I always end up doing something completely different, or none at all! I'm great with a meal plan though.

    Everyone loses their mojo sometimes - I've only just got mine back! Good luck for the week ahead x

  2. Thank you! Ha ha I'm the same, might give it another go though!

  3. Hopefully your moJo will hide behind fruit next time! Lol x

  4. We all have a wobble from time to time, you can and will get back on track. Forget about what you've done wrong and focus on what you're getting right. Good luck for next week and thanks for linking up :)

    1. Thank you, writing it down seemed to help, picked myself up and dusted myself down. Back at it!