Wednesday, 10 July 2013

An amazing body?

So last week I said I looked alright but I wanted to look amazing and while I am still on that mission it go me thinking. We give our bodies a pretty hard time don't we? There is always something to moan about, cellulite, bingo wings, jelly belly the list goes on. In my case if often does this I did not request, the odd dislocation here and there! But do you know what, no matter what shape or size you are, our bodies are pretty amazing.

So without sounding vain I thought I'd write about why my body is amazing!

First off it survived years of partying, drinking more than I should, sleeping less than I should, the usual and it came out of it pretty well intact!

Then it did this....                                and produced this!


And if that was not amazing enough it produced food to give my gorgeous little girl everything she needed for 6 months, and continued to feed her until she was 18 months old! If you take a step back and think about it that is too amazing fro words! Its also gave me a delightful set of stretch marks but as this is a positive post we'll not dwell on that!
I was a keen gymnast in my youth and remain pretty flexible (it helps that I am hypermobile!) but it's still pretty amazing that I can still do this at 35!

Now the splits are not perfect but my aim is that they will be by the end of the summer!

It's amazing how strong you are without knowing it! I regularly pick up (and throw around, in a good way!) a 26kg child, now if someone asked me to lift that at the gym I'd probably say I couldn't.

I think I'm going to focus on gaining instead of losing. Gaining flexibility, gaining strength, gaining leanness, gaining confidence......

So yeah they may not be perfect but our bodies are pretty amazing! What amazing things can your body do?




  1. love the post...yep our bodies are amazing and we don't appreciate them properly martyxx

    1. Thanks Marty, we certainly do not! x

    2. I love this! It's so easy to be down on our bodies, when in fact having one that is fit and healthy is more important than how it looks.
      My amazing body.... no need for spectacles at 43, a functioning liver, kidneys and lungs after years of abuse, the ability to swirl my eyes individually! :D

    3. Ha ha, am now sat trying to swirl eyes individually! Thanks missus

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