Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Well today was going to be all about going to my Mums at the weekend, having a fab old time, not going crazy on food but enjoying some treats and basically not sitting down all weekend!

Then I came across this blog post on twitter 

The lady in question suffers from EDS (hypermobility) as do I. Luckily I was diagnosed pretty early at about 17 (saying that 12-17 was not good - growing pains Mr Doctor? Errr no!) and although at the time was told there was a good chance I'd be in a wheelchair by I was 30 I also had a great physio who stressed the importance of strength and basically using my muscles to hold myself together. Now this is not to say I have always been great at this my 20's were spent partying, exercise wasn't always easy, I put on weight blah blah blah! But now I am older and wiser I am being a lot more conscious of my role in keeping myself fit and healthy. I've mentioned before how I feel better if I am eating right and exercising and it's not always easy. Yesterday I dislocated my toe walking to work, now a toe isn't a very major joint but my it smarts and makes you walk in the strangest of ways!

The upshot of all this is I AM going to do the Spartan race next year - I have 13 months to be fit and strong for it, frozen shoulder or no frozen shoulder! I will be an inspiration to my daughter, who although not formally diagnosed yet looks like she has inherited my condition.

This time next week Chloe starts school, although this doesn't actually give me any more time, it is almost a new start, I am going to give myself a list of fitness activities I want to achieve in a week (inspired by an MFP friend) and as long as I get those done it doesn't matter when I do it!

What is your inspiration? What is your challenge? Can you inspire someone?

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  1. You are becoming my inspiration, and I don't think you realise. You are so supportive to others as well as trying so hard for yourself. Can't wait read the run up to the race over the next year xx

    1. Aw thank you, that is so lovely. Shall keep you posted, no doubt there will be some tears along the way but will be worth it! xx

  2. I too look forward to reading about your training over the next year :)
    I'm starting to up my exercise and really enjoying it for the first time in my life!

    1. Thank you, sorry missed replying! Think that is half the battle if you can find something you enjoy it makes it so much easier!