Wednesday, 4 July 2012

10 things that make me happy

To be honest lots of things make me happy, but here are just 10,I will admit some of them may be a touch superficial!
1) My gorgeous daughter, kind of goes with out saying doesn't it?
2) My lovely husband, who is genuinely my best friend too.
Note: don't get me wrong both of them also drive me totally crazy!
3) The rest of my family, I feel lucky that I get on so well with my family and husbands family.
4) My fabulous friends, who I don't get to see often enough but can be guaranteed to put a smile on my face, even over the phone or just looking at old photos of us back in the day!
5) Tiffany, I think we are alone now. Very closely related to #4 never fails to raise a smile, or a good sing along and boogie!
6) Having painted nails & plucked eyebrows. Never fail to be amazed what a difference these make to my mood.
7) Sunshine, the fact it is so rare just now makes it so precious.
8) Dancing, I'm no professional but I will dance anywhere, supermarket, street, mostly my sitting room and occasionally the museum
9) People, I quite like that random people talk to me. It makes me smile when I get into a conversation with an old lady in a supermarket.
10) Christmas! Even writing that sent a shiver of excitement through me. I love EVERYTHING about Christmas, I even love the crowded, crazyness of Christmas shopping. Yes I am that person standing in the queue signing along to Last Christmas, sorry! How many sleeps to go.....

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